Running Part of the Skyline Trail

Let me just say, I am a morning person. My internal clock always seems to be set at 7 am (if not earlier). This is one of the reasons I go to sleep so early– if I am not in bed by 9 or 9:30 I know I won’t get enough hours of sleep. It doesn’t matter that I went to bed later, I will still — no matter what — wake up at or before 7 am. It is a blessing and a curse.

This past Saturday morning I was up at 6:45, chalk full of energy and ready to go for a run. Sadly, Luke didn’t feel the same way. His internal clock is not as strict as mine. He laid around a bit, trying to get a couple more zzzz’s. But I wasn’t having it. In similar fashion to a puppy, I was jumping around, trying to get his attention, begging to go for a “walk.”

Finally, he dragged himself out of bed and put on some running clothes. Me, who was already geared up and more than ready to go, grabbed a couple water bottles and happily went out the door.

PC of Rootsrated

I was taking Luke to the Skyline trail, a nice rolling dirt trail that I had explored a bit the day before on a nice hike. From the bit I had seen, it looked like a great running trail: wide, soft dirt, a fair amount of hills and most importantly, it was shady. Plus it was only about a 30 minute drive from our apartment.

We pulled up and I could tell Luke wasn’t feeling great. He mentioned being a bit sore the day before, but it was obvious it hadn’t gotten better. He somewhat hobbled to the trailhead. But not wanting to be a baby, he agreed to still run with me (what a trooper).

The first part of the trail is definitely the hardest. It is almost entirely uphill and had the least amount of shade. Within a couple minutes we were drenched in sweat. But we carried on, even though we were both feeling a bit out of it.

My legs were also starting to feel a bit tired- probably from the hike the day before. But the worst thing was the thirst. By mile one I was already feeling quite parched, and we planned on running an hour. Not good.

How we felt on the run. Courtesy of Superbad.

Eventually we both decided it was probably smarter to cut it a bit short. So we agreed on 45 minutes. This was a bit less than I would have liked but I agreed it wasn’t worth injuring ourselves or passing out from heat exhaustion (it was getting close to 100 degrees!).

Once back to the car we chugged some water, stretched a bit and started thinking about how nice our apartment’s pool would be.

Luke was also heading up to Carson City later that day to meet friends so he was a bit antsy to get back and pack (such a guy packing last minute). So back to the apartment, with the windows rolled all the way down, with images of cold lemonade dancing in our heads.

The nearby Skyline to Sea trail. So pretty.


  • 45 minutes, give or take a bit
  • Rolling dirt trail, pretty shaded but go early because it gets HOT
  • Park at the intersection of Highway 9 (Congress Springs Rd.) and Skyline Boulevard
  • No dogs allowed on part of it (dogs okay in Sanborn County Park)
  • Watch out for mountain bikers

The trail was really nice and I definitely want to go back and do it again (just earlier and more hydrated). It wasn’t a very busy trail, and even though it kind of follows the road, it is quite peaceful.

Also, from the trail you can head into Castle Rock State Park, or take the beautiful Skyline-to-Sea trail. The parking is free too, so if you are looking to not pay for parking in Castle Rock SP, then this is a good option.

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