Hearty Sweet Potato Chili

First off, sorry for not having written in a while. I was off vacationing with my family in upstate California (Mendocino to be exact) and didn’t have any internet connection. Plus, I kind of just wanted to be off my computer for a bit. Lately I have been feeling a bit blah. And not really for any reason. I just haven’t really wanted to do anything, including write. So instead I hung out with my parents and Luke, walked on the beach, went seal-spotting and ate great seafood (plus a bit too much wine).

But now I am back and ready to go once again (I think). Even now, almost a week after my parents left, I am still not feeling entirely motivated. Which is not good since I have some pretty big obligations I have to uphold, including two internships, my final class at university and my personal favorite, job hunting (I just cannot write any more cover letters).

Luckily, every day I am feeling more and more like my old self. Which is why I am very excited to write this new recipe post. While I made this delicious chili a couple weeks ago, I felt like it would be a good one to start with. It is healthy (vegan even), easy to make and pretty darn delicious. Plus, best of all, I made too much (like usual) so we had it for lunch the next day as well. And even after sitting in the fridge it was just as tasty.

So here I give you a warm, hearty…

Look at all that goodness. PC of Namely Marly.

Sweet Potato and Sausage–but Vegan–Chili.

(Serves: 3)  Total Time (not including beans): 45 minutes


1 ½ Sweet Potatoes, chopped

1 tube vegetarian sausage (similar to the one we got)

1 ¼ cup pinto beans, soaked

1 can of diced tomatoes

½ yellow onion, diced

Spices for crock pot beans: 2 tbsp pepper, 1 tbsp cumin, 1 tbsp. Garlic salt, ½ tbsp paprika 

Fajita spice mix*

2 tbsp olive oil

½ lime

*We got a spice mix at Sprout’s, but you can find a great homemade recipe here.

Bread, and croissants especially, make for a great side. PC of Pillsbury.


First, make the beans in a crock pot. I cooked mine on HIGH for 2 hours and then on LOW for 1 hour. Though you can also just put the beans on low and cook them all day, up to you.

Add the spice mix to the beans, stir and set aside for set number of hours.

Once the beans are almost done, start cooking the sweet potatoes and sausage.

Add the olive oil to a cast iron skillet (about one tablespoon). Then add the chopped onions. Cook until tender.

Then add the whole tube of vegetarian sausage. Mix it with the onions and cook until well-done (about five minutes).

Then set aside the sausage and onion mix.

Add more olive oil to the skillet (if necessary). Then add the sweet potatoes, with a dash of salt if you like.

Cook until tender (about 10 minutes).

The best part about this chili is probably these guys. PC of BBC Good Food.

Now, add the sausage, can of tomatoes, sweet potatoes and half the fajita spice mix to the almost fully cooked beans.

Let simmer for 15 minutes, making sure to stir and mix everything together every so often.

Finally, add the last bit of the spice mix and stir once again. Sampling it to make sure it is the level of spice you want.

TIP: if you want it spicier, add a bit of jalapeno, a nice and delicious touch.

Then let simmer for a couple more minutes (though you can turn the crock pot off now).

Lastly, plate up the chili adding some spritzes of lime on top, and if you are feeling fancy, a handful of cilantro.

*** For non-vegans, this would also go great with sour cream and/or cheese. Other great toppings are avocado and radishes, while a side of bread or salad makes it a full, and tasty meal.  




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